1、Online Query :
Query Hints:Please input products anti-counterfeiting labels in turn all digits anti-counterfeiting code, click on "anti-counterfeiting query" label information
Products Security check:
Please blow of anti-counterfeiting mark on the products you buy, the query validate input box on this page 18 anti-counterfeiting authentication code, (please make sure that the input digital correct), 18 in the input or pseudo code and then click the query button after can identify the product authenticity. Such as query input security password is correct, the system tip: you can query the products of city as the products of the company, is the identity of the original products, please feel free to use. As you enter the password has been input to identify the query, the system prompt: this product dong zhong has been query, beware of fake!
2、Query Mode:
Call: 400-1828-315

Text query: 1066 9588 7688

Website Inquirie:www.suladahk.com